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Originally from Silsbee, Texas, Alexandria is a dedicated Texas personal injury attorney with a passion for advocating for the voiceless in the legal system. As a first-generation undergraduate and law school graduate, from Baylor University and South Texas College of Law respectively, she brings a unique perspective to her practice.

Before entering the legal field, Alexandria served with distinction at Child Protective Services (CPS) in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and the surrounding areas. Her time at CPS not only garnered numerous recognitions and awards but also served as a catalyst for her transition into law. While witnessing families grappling with the most challenging moments of their lives in court, she realized the profound impact a skilled attorney could have in providing support and justice. Driven by a desire to be that voice for the voiceless, she pursued a legal education enriched by participation in STCL’s Advocacy Program which included Summer Trial Academy, intramural, and national competitions.

Now, as an attorney, she specializes in litigating cases involving premises liability, sexual assault, dram shop litigation, wrongful death, and motor vehicle collisions. Her commitment to her clients and her unique background makes her a formidable force in the legal arena, ensuring that those in need have a dedicated advocate by their side. Outside of the office, Alexandria enjoys spending quality time with her family, exploring new destinations through travel, and immersing herself in the serenity of nature through hiking adventures. These pursuits provide her with a well-rounded perspective and rejuvenate her spirit, allowing her to approach her legal advocacy with renewed energy and focus.

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