Houston DWI Attorneys

Individuals charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and other alcohol-related offenses are facing a serious legal challenge. The potential consequences of a DWI conviction or other alcohol-related conviction are far-reaching, and can affect employment opportunities, driving freedoms, and insurance rates. Moreover, while some other offenses will still allow an individual to seal their criminal record, a DWI conviction will remain on a criminal record forever. This will affect any subsequent criminal charges clients could face in the future: one DWI conviction will ensure that any subsequent DWI arrest is accompanied by far more severe punishment.

There are several stages to a DWI investigation, and the charge is multifaceted and complex. Attorneys at the Shellist Law Firm know how to critically dissect the State’s DWI cases against their clients. Whether it’s shielding clients from license suspension, guiding their clients through pretrial diversion, or aggressively advocating for their clients in front of a jury, Steve Shellist and his team have the experience and grit to combat even the most flagrant of DWI or other alcohol-related offenses.