Federal Defense


Federal charges involve serious allegations, and individuals facing federal charges need a serious team of attorneys  to help launch their defense. The team at the Shellist Law Firm has the experience and the skills necessary to represent clients facing complex federal cases. Federal cases can include “white collar” allegations, like healthcare or mortgage fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, and many others. They also range from racketeering, drug trafficking, illegal re-entry, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, sex crimes, child pornography, and many others.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Steve Shellist knows that federal criminal charges necessitate a serious, aggressive defense.  These charges follow months, if not years, of intense investigation, where federal agents compile incriminating evidence for prosecutors who will seek federal indictments.

Whether you are facing RICO charges, white collar accusations, alien-based offenses, or drug trafficking allegations, the team at the Shellist Law Firm possesses the skill and experience needed to launch successful defenses against the most serious of federal charges.