Defense against State and Federal Fraud Allegations

Although fraud charges can be brought under a number of different statutes for a wide variety of criminal behaviors, they all have one thing in common:  a conviction for a fraud charge will leave an indelible blemish on a criminal record. The Shellist Law Firm has years of experience defending clients against wire and mail fraud, securities fraud, bank and check fraud, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, and corporate theft. Regardless of what type of charge, anyone facing fraud allegations will be severely limited in terms of professional opportunities: employers will view applicants with fraud on their criminal record in the worst possible light.

Unfortunately, many clients facing fraud charges are contacted by law enforcement agents and ultimately dig their own graves in an attempt to appease the State. The best way to protect yourself against the potential pitfalls of a fraud conviction is to get the best criminal defense team possible on your side. The worst way to protect against fraud charges is by cooperating with law enforcement.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Steve Shellist understands that the State will try to use deceitful tactics to obtain incriminating information against people charged with fraud offenses. The team at the Shellist Law Firm knows how to protect clients from invasive law enforcement officials.

If you are facing fraud charges, Rather than jeopardizing your criminal record by talking with the police, call the Shellist Law Firm and speak with a team of aggressive attorneys who can protect you from the consequences of a fraud conviction.