Juvenile Offenses


Defending Juveniles Throughout Texas

Juvenile offenses can arise out of the same criminal conduct, and result in the same criminal charges, that individuals would face  in the adult criminal justice system as well. However, the juvenile justice system is markedly different. Moreover, juvenile offenders facing criminal charges are even more vulnerable to the collateral consequences of convictions. Young offenders risk ruining their future if they ultimately receive criminal convictions that they cannot remove from their records. These blemishes on their criminal history can prohibit juveniles from employment, educational, and even housing opportunities.

There are many potential pitfalls that young offenders face when charged with juvenile offenses. Alarmingly, the State can move to certify juvenile offenders as adults for a broad range of offenses. This prohibits young offenders from ever sealing their juvenile criminal records and moving on from their past conduct.

Some of the common juvenile offenses relate to conduct involving:

  • Criminal trespass and burglary
  • Assault cases
  • Weapons charges
  • Marijuana possession and drug charges

In order to protect young offenders from the harsh consequences of the criminal justice system, it is imperative to secure aggressive, skilled criminal defense. Steve Shellist has years of experience shielding young clients from the devastating effects of a criminal record. The team at The Shellist Law Firm has enabled young clients to walk away from brushes with the law with their clean criminal histories—and thus their futures—intact.

Every year nearly 130,000 children enter into the Texas juvenile justice system. Do not let your child be the one who falls through the cracks. If you or a loved one is facing charges within the juvenile justice system, contact The Shellist Law Firm for a confidential consultation.