Defending the Lives of People Charged with Murder

When a human life has been taken, another human life hangs in the balance of the criminal justice system. Steve Shellist has successfully represented clients facing homicide charges ranging from criminally negligent homicide, to manslaughter, to capital murder. He has the experience and skill needed in order to effectively advocate on behalf of clients facing the most serious criminal charges.

Murder convictions not only strip clients of their freedom—in capital murder cases, a client’s life is literally on the line. Whether or not the State seeks the death penalty, capital murder cases require attorneys with extensive trial experience, as well as attorneys with specific investigation and mitigation experience.

Individuals facing charges resulting from a homicide need the best team they can find to fight for their freedom. The Shellist Law Firm will develop an aggressive strategy to protect their clients facing most serious criminal charges that exist. In the face of capital murder, murder, manslaughter, or criminally negligent homicide charges, contact the Shellist Law Firm to secure an aggressive, experienced team of attorneys.