Online Solicitation


Hire a Lawyer to Defend Your Freedom

Online solicitation is a relatively new penal offense; however, this crime is increasingly common in felony prosecutions, and individuals charged with these allegations face devastating legal consequences.  This Internet crime is guaranteed to garner harsh media coverage and a severe prosecutorial attack. Online solicitation charges are brought against offenders who communicate in a sexually explicit manner or distribute sexually explicit material to a minor using the Internet.

Individuals convicted of this offense not only face prison time and steep fines; they also may have to register as a sex offender long after they are released from custody. A mere allegation of online solicitation will have devastating consequences on the life and reputation of an accused, regardless of whether a jury ultimately delivers a conviction. Even in the face of total acquittal, these charges will haunt those accused of this particular crime.

Unfortunately, many individuals facing online solicitation charges are contacted by law enforcement agents, and these individuals ultimately dig their own graves in an attempt to appease the State. The best way to protect yourself against the potential pitfalls of an  online solicitation conviction is to get the best criminal defense team possible on your side. The worst way to protect against these charges is by cooperating with law enforcement.

When you’re facing charges like these, you need an aggressive, experienced trial attorney on your team. Do not let fear or embarrassment prevent you from reaching out and arming yourself with a skilled legal team.  Your reputation and your freedom depend on it.