Premises Liability


Property owners should be held accountable when their negligence injures a visitor or tenant. Under the law, property owners are obligated to keep their land and buildings safe. Store owners, property management companies, businesses, and apartment complexes have a legal duty to make reasonable efforts to keep their premises safe for use by visitors and tenants. When they fail to adequately warn people of dangerous conditions, or when they fail to take reasonable action to correct a safety risk, they may be held liable for damages incurred.

If you’re hurt on someone else’s property, you may be entitled by law to be made whole. However, insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize your payout and maximize their profits for their shareholders and executives. They are trained to make it hard for people injured by negligent property maintenance to be made whole. They don’t care about whether you or your loved ones are hurt or suffering. But Steve Shellist will make them care. Insurance companies are no match for an aggressive trial attorney with years of real courtroom experience.

Steve Shellist and his team can help victims of negligent premises maintenance recover their losses and get back on track. The Shellist Law Firm is experienced with:

  • navigating the claims process with insurance companies
  • handling payment for hospital bills and medical expenses
  • recovering for damages or lost wages
  • negotiating for insurance companies to cover future medical expenses

The Shellist Law Firm works with injured parties, their families, their medical providers, and their insurance companies to ensure that those who are hurt are made whole. When you’re injured on someone else’s property, you need a skilled, aggressive trial attorney on your team to combat insurance companies during the claims process. Call our office for a confidential consultation.