High Profile Cases


Serious accusations will attract serious media attention. High profile clients who are serious about their defense should look to Steve Shellist for representation. His trial skills and defensive strategies make Steve Shellist an asset to any client, and Steve is no stranger to high profile criminal cases.  He fights tirelessly, both during the investigation stage and after charges have been filed. The earlier Steve gets involved, the better the results will be for his clients.

High profile clients include well-known public figures facing career-ending criminal charges. They also include clients who might not be public figures, but rather are thrust against their will into the media spotlight due to the notoriety of their crimes.

Attorneys at the Shellist Law Firm know how to use media attention to their clients’ best advantages. Sometimes that means shielding their clients from the brunt of slanted media coverage. Sometimes this entails working with reporters to tackle media bias head on and get the full story out in the press. In either case, Steve Shellist and his team know how to use media coverage to propel their defensive strategy.

With his years of experience dealing with high profile criminal cases, Steve Shellist understands that all clients fear having their reputation smeared in the press. And although some attorneys will use high profile cases to get their own media coverage, the Shellist Law Firm will always put their clients’ interests first.

If you are facing high profile criminal charges, or if you are a public figure in need of competent, confidential counsel, contact the Shellist Law Firm for assistance.