White Collar


Defense against Serious Federal Charges in Texas

Businesses and individuals throughout the world are facing increasingly aggressive government enforcement. The laws that apply to white collar crime and civil fraud are vast and complex. They are also constantly growing and evolving. The penalties for violating these laws are severe, and can range from steep fines to prison time. Steve Shellist and his legal team aggressively defend corporations, management, boards of directors, and employees against allegations at every stage of the enforcement process. The Shellist Law Firm can assist clients from grand jury investigation through the trial and appeals process at the federal and state level. Steve Shellist and his legal team also handle internal investigations and civil lawsuits triggered by criminal investigations

Steve Shellist and his attorneys shield clients from allegations including securities and business fraud, health care fraud and abuse, public corruption, customs violation, cyber-crime, government procurement irregularities, and environmental crimes.

In addition to investigations and trial, The Shellist Law Firm provides preventative compliance counseling geared toward addressing the variety of changing regulations and associated challenges that companies face. Steve Shellist regularly counsel clients on the rules and regulations related to their businesses. He also advises them on compliance measures and regulatory approval. Furthermore, due to the nature of white collar defense, Steve Shellist understands that it is vital to take steps to preserve the reputation of clients in the eyes of their shareholders, regulatory agencies, and the media. Shielding clients from smear campaigns is one of Steve Shellist’s unique strengths.

Steve Shellist and his attorneys understand government bureaucracies, as well as how and when to work with law enforcement throughout the investigative process. Regardless of his approach, he always advocates strongly for his clients’ positions. The Shellist Law Firm represents white collar clients facing internal investigations, regulatory compliance matters, grand jury proceedings, trial, and appeal.