Drug Offenses


Defending People Accused of Drug Crimes in Texas

As the national conversation about controlled substances continues to evolve, one thing remains the same: drug-based criminal offenses in the State of Texas are serious allegations that warrant a seriously aggressive criminal defense team.

As a former prosecutor, Steve Shellist realizes that even the most simple, straightforward drug charge often involves complex issues. These complexities include the constitutionality and legality of searches and seizures; to high-level scientific drug analysis, to undermining unreliable eyewitness testimony.

Law enforcement agencies in Texas are serious about cracking down on drug offenses. The team at the Shellist Law Firm has over a decade of experience defending clients against the following accusations:

  • Manufacturing of a controlled substance
  • Possessing a controlled substance (with or without the intent to deliver)
  • Delivering or transporting of a controlled substance
  • Possessing or delivering of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug trafficking and conspiracy
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Money laundering

The possible defenses to drug-related allegations are as varied as the offenses themselves. Our team of attorneys will fight zealously for a dismissal based on legal grounds, advocate aggressively for our clients’ innocence at trial, or even use the resources of the State to help clients combat issues with addiction. Whatever the case may be, the Shellist Law Firm has the experience and skill necessary to help their clients move past their drug charges and move forward with a bright, healthy future.