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Dedicated Representation for Injured Law Enforcement Officers & First Responders

Our firm is proud to represent the rights of injured police officers, law enforcement officials, and first responders who have been involved in accidents and traumatic events on the job. Our founding attorney’s years spent working as an Assistant District Attorney gave him extensive insight into the plight of law enforcement and all that they go through, as well as the many risks that firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and other first responders face.

These individuals are often the victims of brutal car crashes, acts of violence, and other harmful incidents as they patrol our streets, respond to accidents, and do everything they can to keep us safe. We have seen firsthand how the inherent dangers of these jobs often result in catastrophic injuries and, in the most tragic of cases, deaths.

Our firm holds police officers and other first responders near and dear to our heart. Just because a police officer or first responder was on duty when a serious accident or injury occurred does not mean that they cannot go after those who have wrongfully injured them. We are committed to helping law enforcement officers and first responders injured in the line of duty seek the fair financial compensation they are owed. Reach out to our team today to learn more during a free and confidential consultation.

A Trusted Legal Analyst for ABC-13

Mr. Shellist also serves as a legal analyst on ABC-13, providing in-depth breakdowns on local cases and legal concerns. His analyses include insights into everything from jury selection to mistrials to civil rights, and he is frequently tapped by local media outlets to discuss his opinions on various high-profile cases, including the Casey Anthony murder trial.

What Attorney Shellist and His Team Bring to the Table

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Practicing Law for Two Decades

Having practiced law for 20 years, you can be confident attorney Steve Shellist can successfully handle your case.

Extensive Trial Experience

As a former chief prosecutor, Mr. Shellist knows how to present a compelling case in front of a jury.

Highly Personalized Representation

At Shellist Law, we believe every case requires tailored representation in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

Legal Analyst on ABC-13

Over the years, Mr. Shellist has been called on by ABC-13 News to share his expertise on many newsworthy cases.

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