Clearing Criminal Records in Houston, Texas

Don’t let your past haunt you when you are legally entitled to a clean slate. A criminal history can hurt your ability to get employment, to secure housing, and much more. A criminal history makes each subsequent brush with the law much more severe. A criminal history can even interfere with property rights or parental rights.

An expunction is an opportunity for offenders to clear their records. Whether or not, and when, an individual qualifies to have his criminal history expunged is a complex procedural issue. Expunctions were originally created to allow individuals who were wrongfully arrested and accused of crimes to remove any evidence of the initial arrest from the State’s records. In recent years, the laws concerning expunction eligibility have evolved. Not everyone is entitled to petitioning the court to expunge their criminal record.

To determine whether you are eligible to have your criminal history expunged, contact The Shellist Law Firm for a confidential consultation. Steve Shellist has years of experience navigating his clients through the elaborate expunction process.

Exp-unction – A legal process allowing you to erase your entire criminal record or a particular criminal charge from your record.

Petitions for non-disclosure – A process, not as complete as exp-unction, available to people seeking to seal their record from public view.

Sealing of Juvenile Records – A process to clear up any prior interactions with the juvenile justice system.